Seeing ♥️ Art

Showing at NNHS Creative Minds Event

We’re never too old to discover new ways of seeing the world around us 🌏

Case in point, it wasn’t until I completed an art crit class that I began to see words differently. For instance, I had never noticed the word inside the word — HeART 💜

Now, for sure, I had written and seen that word written down probably a million times or more (not to reveal my age, but yeah, a million times 😉

Perhaps I had become too accustomed to seeing the icon, that is the image “♥️” has become a global substitute for the word and has somewhat diminished it.

But the truth is, up until very recently, I had never consciously acknowledged that the word “art” was indeed inside the word “heart”.

It was about a week after the class, that I saw the word-inside the word and it caught my breath, so I paused to acknowledge & appreciate it.

Shout out to #NYCCritClub and all my awesome mates, for helping to open me up to feelings about art, so that I might see. Thank you for sharing your art with me🙏❤️

Seated on the Artists of Color Panel at
Newton North Art Courtyard

btw this video is from last Saturday at the #CreativeMinds event, this is a daily snippet— 2 of 3 that I’ll be posting.

I’m so honored to have been invited to participate as a panelist #ArtistsofColorPanel

Gratitude 🙏 Daniel Laurent for being so supportive & sharing the video. Truly appreciated 💕

#art artistssupportartists #artassalve #contemporaryart #technygalleries #modernart #humankindness

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