DaNice D Marshall, Boston, MA attended Boston Technical High School in Boston and Carleton College in Minnesota.

A born writer, DaNice started painting in 2016, after she became seriously ill with an auto-immune disease that left her partially deaf and no longer able to write. Back then, she began to paint abstracts, in her words- “to watch the paint dry”. She has never taken an art class and has no formal art training. In 2018, she began to fervently paint the stories she wanted to write.

Since 2020, DaNice’s work has been included in group exhibitions in spaces like Piano Craft Gallery (MA), NIU Art Museum (Illinois) The Contemporary Gallery (MI), Intersect Art Gallery (MO), The D’Art Gallery (VA), the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, the Katheryn Schultz Gallery, the New Art Corridor at Trio.

In 2021, DaNice’s painting was on a billboard in Boston’s historic John Elliott Square.  

In February of 2022, fourteen of her paintings were featured in a solo exhibition in the opening scenes of “Naomi” the television series. Season 1 (ep. 4) aired on The CW Network and was streaming on HBOMax. That same year, her art was showing on a digital billboard in Boston’s downtown, theater district.

Two solo exhibitions are scheduled in 2023.

In March ‘23, 40 works were on at exhibit at Newton Free Library Gallery. It was such a success that it drew press and led to an interview with Jay Sugarman on New TV. Thank you Jay!

Another solo exhibition at Piano Craft Gallery will follow in August ‘23.

Her work has been invited to a three artist exhibition in September ‘23 and she will provide set art for an upcoming indigenous play by Wunnanumwau Tom Frederick, Tribal Chief of The T’chepi Aquidenet in November ‘23.

DaNice lives with her husband, Ben and their dog, Tigger outside of Boston, MA.

DaNice is a self-taught artist, who began painting in 2016 after a serious illness left her partially deaf. Formerly a writer, DaNice now paints the stories she wants to tell.

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