Art Grown Up

My Three Sons. All Grown Up
11” x14”

After last year, with Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s gathering for the “Holidaze” and realizing I missed my family.

But I didn’t know just how much I missed them, until I saw their smiles 🥰

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On The Porch

On the Porch

On The Porch”
(20 x24)

We dreamt our best dreams out on the porch. We imagined our potential moves & talked about how great we would be!

Until the voices of self-doubt called us in and the chuckles of their discontent whistled our playfulness dead. We All-Stars sat on the porch, dreaming ourselves rich.

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Artivist. Maybe We Can.

Maybe. Not Now
(20 x 24)

“Maybe. But not now.” I remember asking questions, like “Why not?” And never getting a satisfactory answer.

At what age were you when you were first told that you couldn’t do something?

What lasting impact has that had on you? Is it still a little voice in your head?

What if, we replaced the word “Can’t” with a “Maybe”.

Because if we pace ourselves, yes we can do everything.

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Artfully Told

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
(20 x24)

With more life behind me, than I have in front of me, I’ve decided to be proactive in the telling of my story. From the ticket stubs from concerts I attended to telephone numbers I use to call daily, these are the fine details and broad strokes of my life.

It’s extremely important to me to tell my story, because I think it’s an interesting one and someone might learn from it and I care how it’s shared.

Recently, I started an online archiving class. The first thing I learnt is, everything that I’ve already saved and collected can be used as part of my functional archive. Which was great news for me, because for years I’ve been told “my stuff” was junk.

I don’t know about you, but I got a little chuckle out of being told that “my stuff” absolutely needs to be kept. Everything from old address books to calendars to correspondence to notebooks, full of my musings and incomplete thoughts. Yup, it turns out it’s all important.

Receipts too! The ones from our favorite restaurants and telephone bills, paid late and shut offs! It’s all part of the legacy! And of course instant Polaroids and Kodak moments, all of it tells our stories, how I lived before I fell free from the tree that grew in Roxbury.

Sigh… aren’t you happy that you didn’t throw everything away? Me too.

We all have a story, and it needs to be preserved and shared for family, for friends, for strangers and more importantly, for you, you are the gatekeeper.

I’m still learning best practices for mapping a functional archive, but I’ve got boots on the ground and I’m motivated. I’ve even started logging my art on, it’s an easy to use, fee-based website, where I’ve archived over a hundred of my paintings.

I see my legacy as vibrant and intact, an affirmation of an ordinary life lived extraordinarily, sometimes misunderstood but never misappropriated.

A Tree Grows in Roxbury and the leaves unfurl, hang there, providing shade and a breeze and then change color and wither away from the branches. Our lives, our story is like that leaf, eventually falling free. So while I’m here, I claim it and the sharing of the story.

We all have a story, how do you want yours told?

My FaceBook Art

DaNice D Marshall

I’m an artist. There, I’ve said it. Over the past four years, I’ve posted a lot of art on social media. It’s as much of a healing process as it is therapeutic for me. Never did I expect the level of success that I’ve gained from having put my work “out there”. Never did I imagine that so many people would appreciate my art work. Thank you.

It’s truly a humbling experience. I’m honored to have my art included in so many projects, including a music video! It’s wonderful to be accepted and included into the culture that is the art world, what a mesmerizing world and experience it is.

I’m honored to be compensated for what I would do freely.

But it’s important to me that you know how the artist in me came about. You have to understand that I didn’t grow up an artist, I wasn’t the kid with a sketchbook, who loved to paint. I never took art classes, or attended art school and I never dreamt of having my own artist studio.

Recently a FaceBook memory popped up on my FB feed, and I was astonished to read what I’d written ten years earlier. Back then the younger me was still hopeful, that one day I would become a writer, the post was from 2011. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush…

Back then, I dreamt of becoming a writer. As a kid I was an avid reader, I walked around with a small notebook to jot down my observations and I memorized author names and the book titles that they wrote. I was born through and through to become a writer, albeit a female writer who set aside writing to raise a family back in 1991.

Post from FaceBook Memories App

It’s odd to read it. I’ve been called a prolific artist, in the past five years I’ve completed 200 paintings. Some are more interesting than others. My husband Ben says it’s fascinating to watch my progress, which he says has been steady. Remarkable even.

I’m humbled that I get to paint, that I have no stress in my life other than my paint becoming too stiff to work with, or my colors becoming muddy. I rarely get angry, except for the rare occasions when I accidentally leave paint on my paintbrushes overnight.

For me, painting has become like eating. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live, and it’s the same with painting, that is I paint to live and in that way, painting keeps me here. It’s a good thing.

In the upcoming months my art and my writing will converge in a beautiful way and I’m excited to share that news soon. Meanwhile. I want to thank everyone who took time to respond on FaceBook with a simple like or a kind comment. Believe it or not, every time you liked my art online, it fueled me to keep painting, to keep going. All of your encouragement has had a profound impact on my success.

You know who you are and now you also know that you are truly appreciated❤️🙏

Bewitched Art

“Bewitched Art”
(16” Targus LaptopBackpack)

I use to create designs for laptop backpacks because I wanted to change the “Look”.

Motivated by the never ending Covid-19 pandemic, I saw the increased use of technology, Zoom meetings and FaceTime, as encouraging signs of things to come. But then I’d slide my laptop into a basic nondescript black laptop bag and it seemed backwards.

In an age of knowledge-based technology, with self-driving cars and cellphones that know more about us, than our families, why shouldn’t our laptop backpacks reflect an upbeat side of innovation, especially during a pandemic?

So I created this special one for Halloween! Bewitched Art on a Targus bag!

Looks magical, doesn’t it? I thought so too. And you can bet it’ll be spot on, easy to find at the airport! Doesn’t that make you smile, me too 🙂

Break-out News: I’m thinking about doing a KickStarter, or more realistically who wants my front loaded art design on their laptop backpack bag? Of course you do.

Interest sparked? Zoom with me.

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Twinning Art

The Path
(20 x24)

Identical twins fascinate me. Identical at birth. From head to toe. As toddlers they did everything together, they even liked the same color- purple and disliked the same food- squash.

And then, they grow up and just like that, they’re on diverging paths. Did Mother Nature play a trick on us, or is it an experiment? From a seed in a Petri dish…

How can two humans, who are loved by the same parents, who are brought up in the same household, who are raised in the same environment, turn out so differently?

Identical Twins absolutely fascinate me😎

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Art of a Storm

“Storm’s Coming”
( 20 x24)

Is it just me, or are the days growing shorter? Are the leaves beginning to change colors and are they loosening their grip, all in preparation for their final Autumn Fall?

To be clear, hot pumpkin & spice coffee/latte is nice, but Halloween is for kids. So they’re not a proper compensation for giving up beach days & sunlight.

On a side note, I remember a man named Mr. Brown who hated kids. He moved into our neighborhood and every day he’d chase us from a front stoop, it didn’t matter that it wasn’t his front steps. He’d yell at us to go play somewhere else, when weren’t even playing. And on Halloween, when we were dressed up in our costumes and just walking across the street from his house, he’d come storming out the front door yelling at house. Telling us that if we had any sense at all, we’d better not stop at his house begging for candy. Mr. Brown was the storm.

BOO! Just sayin’

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The Art Of Procrastination

“A Moment Swallowed Whole”
(20 x24)

All too easily, a moment slips by. And before we know it, we’ve missed the opportunity to do something, or missed the chance to communicate what we meant to say.

If someone is amazing in your life, tell them. Now. Because we never know when the purple haze will swallow up the moment. And as of today’s date, scientists haven’t figured out a way to bring time back. No regrets💯🙏

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Art For Social Change. Good.

“These Queens”
(30 x40)

These Queens! Inside every window, there’s a story to be told. Something going on. Something happening. And the truth is, we don’t know what that narrative is or what kind of drama someone is going through, be kind.

Be Kind.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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