Art Gallery Showings To Me

Neighborhood Building Blocks
(36 x 40)

Recently, an artist that I highly respect, ventured out to see my work and possibly meet me at an opening exhibition at D’Art Center’s Surface: Texture & Patterns in Norfolk, VA. The only thing was, I wasn’t there.

There’s a lot of reasons why an artist can’t attend an opening reception, sometimes it’s simply an issue with distance and nowadays there’s the pandemic. But I would’ve loved to have met her 🙂

I’m grateful that technology has allowed so many artists to show their work via the internet and online exhibitions. And sometimes I’ve been fortunate to have attended a reception via Zoom.

But as convenient as that’s been, it can’t replace seeing the work, up close and personal. Because for me, there’s something about physical art that just gives me the feels. Et tu? 🙂

I love to stand in front it, to see the lightness or the depth of the brush strokes and to study how a sculpture has been worked. It’s then that words become a cheap replacement, incapable of properly describing what my eyes see, without touch, how the art makes me feel.

So, last month I made a conscientious decision to bring my work closer to where I live, so that I could attend the opening art receptions and see the art curated into an exhibition. And to perhaps, meet people— the curator, the gallerist and the other artists— because it’s the complete experience that I need, to see the work and to get the feels 🙂

With that being said, I’m so honored to have my work invited to multiple venues in Massachusetts.

This summer my work will be showing at the Katheryn Schultz Gallery in Cambridge, MA (July 5 -30) as well as the Hopkinton Center for the Arts in Hopkinton, MA (July 19 – August 26) and at the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA (June 29 – July 31)

This is also the final week to see the Art as Salve exhibition, which was extended at New Art Corridor Gallery in Newton, MA.

While I know not everyone will come to an art opening, because they can be boring (as my artist friend says). But I like them, from meeting the people to all the excitement that art brings, like the feels!!

*Special note to Chris L., again my deepest apologies.

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You Can’t Stop Art

“She Named Her Daughter Faith”
24 x 30”

“She Named Her Other Daughter Faith”
24” x 30”

Someone said that I should stop. I should stop submitting my work to shows. I should stop accepting invitations to exhibit. It was inferred that I should stop, so others might have a chance. And what was my response …

If I make it look easy, it’s so others might try. Especially little girls💯


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Changing My Art (Not Really Though ;-)

“From Her Perspective”
24” x 20”

If perspective is reality, what are you doing to change yours?

Dreamt Ava gave me a chance at a job. She was at a screening and was super busy, but she looked up as I entered the room and briefly smiled.

I sat down. There was a small television on with a b&w program about a man inside a laundry-mat. It was suppose to be serious, but the actor’s clumsiness made me smile and I must’ve chuckled a little out loud, because one of Ava’s assistants gave me a side glance.

I tried to keep quiet and to stay serious, but it kept happening, I kept chuckling out loud, this show just wasn’t serious. As the show was ending, Ava called me over. She smiled and folded back the top pages of the yellow legal pad, on which she had been making notes. I noticed that there were a lot of notes.

“You have one opportunity to make it better”, she said to me, then nodded at the small television screen, which was now a blank raster. I hadn’t noticed before, but someone had turned the tv off. “Make it count,” she said as she stood up.

Her assistant handed me a pad of paper and a pen, and they left the room. Immediately, I got busy writing, making the story better, making my life better.

Changing my perspective. Seizing the moment & Staying grateful 🙏❤️

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Art. Paradigm Shift

“Power Couple”

“Power Couple”

Paradigm shift. He’s talking, but she’s planning and thinking beyond the fur coat.

We all have dreams, it’s what motivates us to get up and to keep moving. Otherwise we’d be bumps on a log. Onward.

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My Art Meets Linda

Every once in awhile, I wake up remembering why I’m here. Et tu?

So this happened… I met this wonderful woman, whose story was more complicated than my own. After 16 years of marriage, she lost her husband and her world stopped.

When she was finally able to get up again, she decided to go back to school & became a paramedic, so she could serve others.

Then Covid came…

I don’t know her last name, but Thank you Linda 🙏❤️

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Show Your Art

“Pinball Mechanics”
36” x 40”

“Pinball Mechanics”

Recently, someone said that I make art look easy & I replied, Good! Because I want it to look easy so others might try. So others will show their work @instagram

Like when we flip up the electric switch & the light comes on, art works for all of us!

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Feeling Art

Surface Exhibition Opens 5/28/22

Look! A chance for your eyes to feel what they see 👁👁 And I’m so honored to be invited🙏

“Surface: Highlighting Texture & Patterns” art exhibition opens this weekend at the d’Art Center in Norfolk, VA May 28th – June 25th

I do try to attend the artist receptions held for exhibitions, particularly when I’m invited. It’s a chance to get even closer to the art. This one will be held on June 3rd.

I think it’s exciting to speak with the artists, the curators and gallerists to hear what they’re thinking. Added to what each artist is saying in their piece is fascinating. It enhances the interpretation of art and helps to gain a deeper insight into the work from multiple perspectives. But this exhibition is exceptional, because it literally feeds the eyes with the sense of touch, which adds an intriguing level to our senses and our shared discourse.

I’m humbled to have my work included. There’s a an awe felt, that settles into the archives of having lived. A flash of inspiration that others might see and think that they too can try. This is that reminder… it happens, that is dreams really can come true. Thank you d’Art Center Norfolk for inviting me. Truly appreciated 🙏

This fabulous art exhibition opens in Virginia, tomorrow.

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Art Supports

“Us. When We 1st Met”

Someone told me about a worthy cause where, 100% of profits raised go directly to local grassroots not for profit organization Safe Place for Youth (SPY).

And I immediately started making art to donate. How could I not?

So this is the completed piece 20” x 24”

acrylic on canvas.

I wanted this piece to show us to us. When we first meet. We’re interesting, interested & nurturing. We easily get along. #heART♥️

Thank you 🙏 Rachel Houk Seeger for sharing such an important cause with me. You are appreciated.

To those of you who have wanted to purchase one of my works, this is your chance. It’s also an awesome opportunity to help kids out. Plus, it’s tax deductible, so there’s that 😉

100Pieces.Org Silent Auction- Safe Place For Youth. 18 August 2022 Los Angeles, CA

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Virtual Art Exhibition

“She Named Her Daughter Hope”
(courtesy photo. Lent by Hope)

Woke up this morning to this!

Please Visit!
Perfect Imperfection: Faces & Figures
Virtual Exhibition #WomenUnitedArtMovement curated by Erika B. Hess

Sit with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and do a virtual visit. Thank you for being part of my art journey🙏

Such an honor. I’m thrilled to see Her in a virtual art gallery, surrounded by such beautiful paintings by truly great artists👏

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Art Anxiety. Art Excitement.

Excitement! Anxiety. Excitement!

Preparing To Shipping My Art

I’m so honored to be invited to show my work. I believe I make art to share with the world by posting photos online, but recently I’ve received invitations by art galleries to show my art up-close and personal.

Even before I began making art, I always appreciated being near it, something transcendental happens when it’s viewed in person.

Go to galleries! See art. Especially contemporary art. Especially after this never-ending pandemic.

Someone told me that she only does first dates at art galleries, because it give her and her date something to immediately connect to and discuss. Sounds brilliant!

It also works with second dates, third dates and anniversaries. The point is, visit your local art gallery.

I’ve discovered that shipping my work is an emotional process. I worry that it won’t be well received, and No one will show up to view it. So while I might appear calm and collected, please believe me, I’m not. On the inside, I’m giddy and nervous.

With that being said, I’ll need a moment for myself to just be proud of my accomplishments thus far. No matter if my art sells or not, I’m making myself vulnerable and putting it out there. So, give me a couple of days to post locations and exhibition dates.

In the meanwhile, I want to say thank you for all the love and support here on IG. It’s truly appreciated 🙏❤️

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