Grateful For Art

From “Drama Queen” to “Playing Herself Blue”

“Just another day, around the way. I’m feeling good today. Hip-hop-hooray!” Thanks #queenlatifah for putting into words, exactly how I feel💕

Taking my daily stroll down the hallways of my home and wishing I could play air guitar like a champion 🎸

“Playing Herself Blue”

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Finally. My Art.

“Whist Queen Of The Rise-N-Fly”
(30 x40)

“Whist Queen!”

A story of “Rise-n-Fly”. Finally, finally. Found a moment to finish this one and I’m posting it immediately, before something comes up and I don’t have a second.

The lesson that I’m sharing is #DoEverything. Don’t worry about IG algorithms, they’re not meant for you anyway. Be #Shameless. Plug yourself. Plug your work. Plug into life & see what happens💯

Just a reminder… you are your own Brand. A walking, talking billboard. Be all of that, every single day. Shining!!!

Even from way over here, I see your light. Keep going Sis, we’re watching.

My new mantra… Rise-N-Fly. Et tu?

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My Art. Five Days Into 2022

“A Cautionary Tale”
( 18 x 20)

This year is only 5 days old and already the results are in… I’m happy.

So, if you were one of the many people wishing me a Happy New Year, just so you know, yes, your wish was received! Thank you🙏

My painting “A Cautionary Tale” will be included in Hue exhibit at Msanii Hous Fine Art Gallery July – Sept 2022

I’m particularly excited about this showing, because it was curated by Dr. Valerie Gillespie and I received a wonderful letter from the gallerist. Sigh 🙂

This is one of my more serious pieces, but still intentional in dispersing hope, albeit in a small dosage. I wanted to show through knowledge of history, we can see a pattern to address & correct it.

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Art. Flying Off The Shelf.

“Pigeons On Set”
NFTs. Commissions

As the year comes to an end, a lot of people are assessing where they’ve been and what they’ve achieved. Someone from Targus might ask: “Are you still doing your laptop backpack line? “

And my response would be:
“Do pigeons fly?”

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The Art. Self-Made Genius.

“She’s Arriving. Right On Time”
30” x 40”

Humbled🙏Honored💯 Proud🥰
Words are a cheap replacement for all the emotions I feel upon receiving news that my work has been invited to “Self-Taught Genius” the exhibition at The Contemporary Art Gallery in the Upper Michigan Peninsula, tribally owned and operated by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

I suspect that my journey as a self-taught artist has varied by degrees of solitude, self-doubt and survival mode to that of a trained artist. But we’re alike in our intentionality in the creative process, that path in life where the work must come out and that the purest moment of accomplishment in art is when the artist stands back and lets the paint dry, to see and to know that the work is done. And it is good.

I’m deeply grateful for my journey and to those who have answered my many questions and offered words of encouragement. You have given me guidance through your kind reassurances. And I’ve felt love! I’ve no doubt why the word ART is inside the word heart ❤️ and yet, I never noticed that, until after I was able to call myself an artist.

In that way, I know that I’ve been blessed and I may never know in what proportions grace, talent and luck have been bestowed on me, but I feel it. I’m spiritual. So smudging and sending positive energy comes easy to me.

Here’s the exciting part, if you’ve been reading my blog and following me, get ready to buckle up! February 2022 is going to be a helluva ride.

Gratitude 🙏
“She’s Arriving. Right On Time”
(30” x 40”)

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Art Grown Up

My Three Sons. All Grown Up
11” x14”

After last year, with Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s gathering for the “Holidaze” and realizing I missed my family.

But I didn’t know just how much I missed them, until I saw their smiles 🥰

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On The Porch

On the Porch

On The Porch”
(20 x24)

We dreamt our best dreams out on the porch. We imagined our potential moves & talked about how great we would be!

Until the voices of self-doubt called us in and the chuckles of their discontent whistled our playfulness dead. We All-Stars sat on the porch, dreaming ourselves rich.

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Artivist. Maybe We Can.

Maybe. Not Now
(20 x 24)

“Maybe. But not now.” I remember asking questions, like “Why not?” And never getting a satisfactory answer.

At what age were you when you were first told that you couldn’t do something?

What lasting impact has that had on you? Is it still a little voice in your head?

What if, we replaced the word “Can’t” with a “Maybe”.

Because if we pace ourselves, yes we can do everything.

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Artfully Told

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
(20 x24)

With more life behind me, than I have in front of me, I’ve decided to be proactive in the telling of my story. From the ticket stubs from concerts I attended to telephone numbers I use to call daily, these are the fine details and broad strokes of my life.

It’s extremely important to me to tell my story, because I think it’s an interesting one and someone might learn from it and I care how it’s shared.

Recently, I started an online archiving class. The first thing I learnt is, everything that I’ve already saved and collected can be used as part of my functional archive. Which was great news for me, because for years I’ve been told “my stuff” was junk.

I don’t know about you, but I got a little chuckle out of being told that “my stuff” absolutely needs to be kept. Everything from old address books to calendars to correspondence to notebooks, full of my musings and incomplete thoughts. Yup, it turns out it’s all important.

Receipts too! The ones from our favorite restaurants and telephone bills, paid late and shut offs! It’s all part of the legacy! And of course instant Polaroids and Kodak moments, all of it tells our stories, how I lived before I fell free from the tree that grew in Roxbury.

Sigh… aren’t you happy that you didn’t throw everything away? Me too.

We all have a story, and it needs to be preserved and shared for family, for friends, for strangers and more importantly, for you, you are the gatekeeper.

I’m still learning best practices for mapping a functional archive, but I’ve got boots on the ground and I’m motivated. I’ve even started logging my art on, it’s an easy to use, fee-based website, where I’ve archived over a hundred of my paintings.

I see my legacy as vibrant and intact, an affirmation of an ordinary life lived extraordinarily, sometimes misunderstood but never misappropriated.

A Tree Grows in Roxbury and the leaves unfurl, hang there, providing shade and a breeze and then change color and wither away from the branches. Our lives, our story is like that leaf, eventually falling free. So while I’m here, I claim it and the sharing of the story.

We all have a story, how do you want yours told?