Laptop Backpack Art

Anxiety at the airport should be limited to the act of flying.

And the fear of flying shouldn’t include trying to locate your carry-on laptop bag, after being randomly pulled out of line and searched by TSA at the airport’s security checkpoints. Because being separated from your laptop bag for just few minutes, shouldn’t feel like hours.

That’s what happened to me recently, while traveling to the west coast. Where as hard as I tried to keep my eyes on the security bin where I had placed my beloved backpack, as I held my arms straight out and tried to comply with the TSA’s instructions, I did lose sight of my backpack.

It made me think, why does this continuously happen? How, in a knowledge based society, full of smart tech & a dispensary named Google, are all of our laptop bags basic black?

How is it that we can use finger swipes across devices and gain access to a broad swath of data information, but the bag that carries that most important device all look the same?

Imagine a company outing or a meeting, and your laptop bag gets confused with the CEO’s. Now imagine the same exact scenario, only this time your laptop bag isn’t basic black. #Technicolor💯

Pile up! A variety of the same basic black laptop bags

Hello World 🌎

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C’mon @Targus

What To Do When The Graphic Designer Is AWOL???

Frustration is tiring. So if I seem lackluster today, low energy and less approachable than in the past, it’s because I’ve had an extremely frustrating experience.

It all began when my artwork was selected to be included in a big art project. I was happy. Then came the specifics, that is my artwork would need to be converted from JPG to PDF with 300DPI and enlarged plus A4. Ok I said, knowing that I had a guy who could get the job done.

Except here we are a month and a half later and the guy I hired to do the art conversion has gone AWOL!!!

Maybe ‘Rona got to him. I’ve called. Sent text and Sent emails. Left numerous messages and I’ve driven to his place of business. There’s a sign plastered across his glass door “Walkins Not Allowed”.

So what’s next? I believe that after a year of this never ending global pandemic, jittery nerves and anxiety got the best of him and he’s gone into hiding out of fear. I don’t blame him, I just wish he had finished my project ahead of the deadline, because now I’m left scrambling.

If anyone out here knows how to scan large paintings and convert it to pdf +4 let me know. Thanks in advance.

What Laptop Bags Could Look Like

I was just thinking… We spend an exorbitant amount of time creating and saving ideas to our laptop’s hard drive. And then we shove our laptops, filled with all those great thoughts into a black laptop bag, effectively dimming our own brilliance.

What if that causes our brains a momentary lapse, a downshift, a version of writer’s block?

I wonder what would happen, if instead we slid our laptops into bags woven in graphene, strands of intelligence, colorful diversity with sustainable business plans?

Folks have been telling me for months that most companies who sell black laptop bags have no interest in change and that I should accept that. But in my mind, why wouldn’t they?

I’ve had discussions with executive producers, pitching ideas over there and facing obstacles over here, not being told to stop, but not being encouraged to keep going, it’s been challenging but I keep thinking… what if?

So I keep going at it. After all they don’t know me. I’ve been adding color to my bags since I was a little girl, back then I used crayons. By the time I went to college, I had started attaching ribbons to identify my suitcases at the airport, and as with all good ideas, it’s evolved to painted laptop bags.

People see my bags online and ask can they buy one. They ask how much would I sell one for. They’re disappointed when I say they’re not for sale. The upside is that I know there’s an interest for my colorful laptop bags. And I know there’s a burgeoning market, and yes, I know the age group as well. Because I’ve been busy creating it, slowly and meticulously.

Meanwhile, as my personal bag collection grows, my husband wishes I would sell them all. In some ways, that’s why I’m writing this post, because someone out there on LinkedIn understands my drive and how it might just work. Maybe…

People want to see the world differently: they no longer want to look out at a sea of black laptop bags at a tech convention. Me either and after a global pandemic, where people are re-emerging they’re eager to see things fresh and new! Me too.

Things don’t have to be mundane. Yes, we can be hopeful and inspire. Yes, it can be a limited edition. And maybe my bag with its little colorful design might make people smile a little bit, even if it’s on the inside.

I was just thinking… what were you doing?

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Backpack Art Sleuth

My Laptop Backpack Art

We use computers every day, never understanding the hidden code that handles the complex tasks that simplify the interface, so we can use it.

hello world 🌍

A CPU is magic, so why are we limited to black bags & black laptop backpacks?

Basic Black Laptop Bags

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The Art of Crowdsourcing

In 2009, I stumbled upon a contest on Twitter, #HelpUsNameUs. A small company was going public and needed a new name. They had this ingenious idea to use social media to get their new name. Guess what? It totally worked!

They went on Twitter and began crowdsourcing for a new name using the hashtag #HelpUsNameUs. The grand prize for this global contest was a new piece of technology, an electronic reader (e-reader) a Kindle.

What’s fascinating about this contest is that it completely worked. The company received submissions from every corner of the globe, and had hundreds of names to choose from, thus proving social media was indeed an upcoming marketing tool, and even more poignant, that we were living in a globally hyperconnected digital world.

By the way, I won the contest with my submission of the name Pyxl and was awarded the coveted Kindle.

To put this contest into its proper context, the following month Microsoft awarded a contract to an advertising firm and paid them millions of dollars to name their new search engine, Bing.

Now it’s 2021 and Covid-19 bans have been lifted and we’re returning to our old jobs, our old workspaces and as we clear the dust off our desks, we need to think outside the box.

We need to be more innovative and remind ourselves that the potential we had for greatness still exists post-pandemic.

Crowdsourcing is a best use practice of people, it gives us a pool of diversity, great ideas and in a hyperconnected digital world, it gives us a chance to become our better selves.

Walt Disney was right, it really is a small world after all.

Here’s the Press Release Update from 2009:

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Create Relevance

Human Relations

There are two kinds of people in this world. Takers & Givers.

Which one are you?

Do you know?

If you’re unsure, then you should ask your family and friends, because they’ll think they know.

Interestingly enough, they might not know who you are in your heart of hearts, but if they had to guess, do you think they’d guess right?

If you’re wondering which one I am? I’m a giver, a stranger who just gave you a thought. 🙂

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Mankind-Ness & Art

Mankind… Ness (11 x14)


After Covid, you would think that we humans would get it together. That we might be empathetic, have compassion and be kind to one another.

After ‘Rona, you would think people wouldn’t mind a little inconvenience, that we would take patience out of your pocket and use it to understand someone else’s trials & tribulations.

Mankind… ness. Rebooting society so that we become our better selves.

Traveling After Covid 19

My Bag. As we begin to travel again

Now that we’re traveling again, it’s nice to know that I had no problem finding my bags!!!

So this happened… I just flew back from Los Angeles & boy, are my arms tired 😝

Ha! It might be one of the corniest jokes ever, but as we stretch and come out after a long year of self-imposed & mandatory isolation, it brought a smile to my face and maybe yours too.

My Targus Bags

And luckily for me, I had no problem finding my bags at the airport. They’re beyond basic black and fabulous!!!

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32 Seconds Ago

Me Painting

Apparently I haven’t added a blog post in some time. I thought it didn’t matter, that no one would notice, boy was I wrong. It does matter. There’s a consistency in daily writing that allows one to grow, to hone writing skills. Because we humans must have a sense of purposefulness, a reason to keep going and a schedule to keep.

So here I am. Naked. Exposing myself to this reality, my vulnerabilities are not unique. In fact, it’s the very notion that we are alike that makes me feel so safe here and makes me willing to share.

Because the truth is, we all struggle in life. Am I right? For some people it might be money worries and for others family and emotions. We ask ourselves typical questions:

What are we doing? What have we done? Where have we been? Where are we going? And the worse part is when we gage ourselves by other people’s standards.

But shouldn’t we take time to acknowledge that we’ve already achieved so much? Just today, when we woke up, crawled out of bed and we were still breathing. What if we included this as a success?

Right there, we’ve accomplished so much. And then the rest of the day could be measured in potential. The future steps to take, with so many possibilities! Isn’t that what truly matters?

If we set goals, we need to be sure we give ourselves encouragement, nourishment and not look to others to do it for us. We need to pat ourselves on the back for every little step we take, because not enough people will do it for us.

Why am I writing all of this? Because it’s been a while since I posted a blog & I needed to see this, in writing for myself. So that I’ll remember all that I’ve been through to get here.

I’m a trained certified telecommunications technician, a woman who climbed telephone poles in easements & backyards while people squawked at me from down below.

And the truth is, 5 years ago I nearly lost my life. I don’t talk about it because it’s difficult to talk about, being left deaf on one side and needing a cane are part of who I am now. And as I struggle, I mustn’t let them totally define who I am.

Anyway, I apologize for having missed so many days of writing this blog. Like my artwork, it is therapeutic for me and helps me get through the day. It also gives me a sense of purposefulness, a reason to keep going and a schedule to keep.

Right on. Write on ✍️

She’s Smiling!

She’s Smiling! I’m smiling too!
46 x 38

I’m smiling too! As I turn my attention to this 48 x 36 painting , I’m still in awe, so honored & elated that my story has been published & is in bookstores today!!!

If you can, please pick up a copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: l’m Speaking Now”

it’s available today at your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble and online. I’m trying to add some book signings, with Covid-19 protocols, I’ll include location dates & times here.

Powerful reading in digestible amounts, a collection of inspirational stories via @chickensoupsoul 🙏

Hey world 🌎 I’m a published author! And I feel Great!