The Artists’ Art

The Artists
22 x 28

The Artists
22 x 28

So this happened. While I was commissioned to do one piece, I created 3. Someone asked me, how does that happen… for me, my mind is much faster than my hands and the paint dries too quickly. So I move across one canvas onto the next and in this case, onto the next.

Like siblings, these paintings have similarities and yet, stand alone & free. I wanted to introduce The Artists, an unsold work that makes me smile a little inside.

Singing Art Outdoors

People Singing 20×24

Weather wise. As I run out of wall space & blue skies roll in, I’m hanging with my paintings outdoors, in the fresh air and feeling lovely.

This tribute to my Mum, who could sing. And who loved to sing Barbra Streisand’s “People”.

I can’t sing, but do it anyway, because people sing.

“A feeling deep in your soul
Says you were half now you’re whole
No more hunger and thirst
First be a person who needs people
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world…”

Melting Pot (Work in Progress)

This life, like this painting is a work in progress. I’ve redefined myself so many times, that I’ve had to write down the bits and pieces like chapters in a book, because none of it fits neatly into the pages of a diary.

I’m still going, still contributing and hopefully still making you smile. So this happened, one of my life stories has been included in a collection that’s being published and printed as I type this blog. More to come later…

All Eyes Basketball

All Eyes
18 x 24

This little girl who loved basketball, would go to the schoolyard the day after a snowstorm and shovel the snow, just so she could play on a real basketball court with a hoop that had a net on it.

Even then, she was bright enough to know that the older boys who wouldn’t let her play because she was a girl, wouldn’t come to the court the day after a snowstorm, because they didn’t like snow!

Thanks Mother Nature💕

Who’s Behind Those Peepers

30 x 36

One of my earlier, larger pieces. I was trying to stay busy, as my daughter Deanna, who was on the next level kind of journey would soon leave the nest. A Cumme Laude double major, she had barely taken off her Northeastern University cap and gown, before she moved to Los Angeles.

Fast forward, four years later and she’s promoted to Patient Advocacy Content Manager! Deanna is passionate about human rights, and is as comfortable with a bullhorn as she is with a microphone, she organized marches on both the east and west coasts.

That’s who’s behind those peepers💯. Authentic. So proud 💕

Sunday in Washington Park

18 x 24

Me. Arriving early to the park to play basketball, before the big guys would come and kick me off the court. I could run lay-ups, shoot around and practice without being told that girls couldn’t play.

I did and I brought along my own basketball, as they slept in late on Sundays, having partied Saturday night. They’d arrive in their cars, showered and clean and have to wait for me to finish playing.

I was clever like that and parlayed it into a scholarship to attend college 😉

Friday Art

Paintings On Walls (20 x 24 variety)

Is it just me, or does this wall need more wall?

It’s Friday and for me, Spring is in the air. Yup, I’m feeling light and airy.

So while I was looking at the walls, I started thinking… What if I do some more art to hang upside down from the ceiling? Because from my perspective, as an intuitive artist, I think the ceilings could use a little artwork too.

Am I being too ambitious? Cabin fever Lol

Artful Dreams

Art For Her Wall (24 x 30)

What if we painted and drew pictures for every wall?

What if we put art on our walls in a fierce display of vibrant colors? What if we became sensitive to the qualities of color, textures and experiences. Seeing how a broad field of color builds up & creates a contrast of life, peace, love and harmony. People too. What if… 💕 #BeMyValentine #HappyValentinesDay

Her Blue Art

Her Blue Mood (18 x 24)

Emotional. That feeling we get, when we’re choked up and frustrated. When it feels like we can’t speak, because the vowels got stuck in our throats.

I was inspired to paint this while listening to The Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

#Musicality 🎶

The Art of Double Dutch

Double Dutch Jump Roping Archive (16 x 20)

When I was growing up, I would be mesmerized by kids who could Double Dutch Jump rope. I myself, never learnt how to jump.

I think it might’ve been because I couldn’t jump high enough, or maybe it was because I couldn’t move my legs fast enough, over the passing ropes. But whatever it was that prevented me from learning how, it surely wasn’t because of a global pandemic.

I was just thinking, what are today’s children going to grow up and not have learnt? What part of their journey will be delayed or missed out on?

I wonder, do they miss watching kids jumping Double Dutch jump rope? I do. So, I’m adding this thought to my growing list of things we lost because of the Wrath of ‘Rona.