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DaNice D Marshall in her studio.

In 2021, DaNice D Marshall received a phone call from the founder of Boston’s Billboard Hope 2021, her painting “Free Knowledge Must Bring Your Own Container” was chosen and she was the project’s Breakout Artist.

DaNice’s (pronounced Duh-Nice), had won her first solo exhibit in Boston’s historic John Eliot Square, right down the street from where she had grown up!

DaNice at Highland Ave & Dudley St, Roxbury
(Fall of ‘21)

Meanwhile, two miles away, at Piano Craft Gallery another of DaNice’s paintings “Ameryca’s Two Sons” was being installed as part of the Forbidden Fruit Fall exhibition on Tremont street in Boston.

DaNice at Piano Craft Galley on Tremont St
(Fall of ‘21)
courtesy photo @ItsRachel Holt

WBZ, the Boston CBS affiliate interviewed her and did a featured piece on Billboard Hope 2021 during their “Here 4 This” segment.

courtesy photo @CelinaColby

A week earlier she was interviewed by a journalist from Boston’s BayState Banner.

If it seems like a whirlwind time in her life, it has been, as DaNice started prolifically painting five years ago.

When asked what she hopes to achieve through her paintings, DaNice paused. She explains that she was first a writer, so her paintings have a writer’s perspective to them. There’s a narrative being told, aspects of an ordinary life being lived. She hopes her use of visual art to tell a story will help others. Because storytellers, she continues are by their very nature healers, so her paintings themselves become healing.

In 2016, she became ill with a rare and often fatal disease. And after 28 days in hospital, DaNice was sent home and told to do nothing. Which she translated into “pick up a paintbrush”. Painting has become her therapy and her earlier artwork attest to this, as they are disjointed and often abstract works lacking cohesion.

By 2019, with the disease in remission, DaNice’s paintings began to depict a lighter side of life. Her use of colors and bold patterns began to prominently appear n her artwork. Then in 2020, with Black Lives Matter and cries of social justice and demands for social change in America, DaNice’s art leaned towards contemporary politicking, in what might be referred to as “artivism”.

One art curator noted that DaNice’s thick use of paint adds depth to her paintings and metaphors, cleverly included in the work’s titles, help define the basis of her artwork.

In the five years since being diagnosed, DaNice has done over 120 paintings. It can be said that she has successfully reinvented herself, going from Technygal to the current #TechnyGalleries, a tag that frequently accompanies her work.

People wonder, did DaNice really just pick up a paintbrush in 2016 and start to paint prolifically? Yes, she did, sort of.

DaNice never attended art school, wasn’t in an art program, isn’t affiliated with any design institution and doesn’t hold a degree in art. If a comparison need be made, think of a person who knows how to drive but doesn’t own a car, who gets behind the steering wheel of a car and just like that… is off to the races! That’s DaNice 🙂

DaNice is trained in telecommunications and is a certified field technician, who climbed telephone poles as a her career. She along with her husband Ben, raised two wonderful daughters. DaNice was also the caretaker for her mother Betty, who suffered from Alzheimer’s .

Two quick fun facts about The artist:

1.) This past June she became a published writer, her story “These Women Mattered” is included in Chicken Soup For The Soul: I’m Speaking Now. (Summer of ‘21)

2.) Back in 2009, during the early days of Twitter and social media, DaNice’s submission for a social media experiment called #HelpUsNameUs. was selected as the winner. The contest held by a Forbes 500 digital company was renamed “Pyxl”.

DaNice’s grand prize was the best e-reader technology, a Kindle!

Recently, an admirer of her art drove by the billboard and snapped, then shared a photo of her work on social media. DaNice Tweeted her excited response:

“Oh Wow! I didn’t know how it would look at night.
I guess I thought without sunlight, a billboard is just left out in the dark.

Silly me, darkness is when we need Inspiration & hope the most isn’t it?”

*Several of DaNice’s art pieces are held in private collections. Please email inquiries to: Technygal@comcast.net

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