About The Art

Acrylic on Canvas. Some Mixed Media in a variety of sizes. Please email inquiries to: Technygal@comcast.net

DaNice D Marshall in her studio. 2021

About The Artist

DaNice D Marshall is an intuitive artist, that is she is not formally or classically trained. She is a certified telecommunications technician, who raised a family and became a caretaker for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

In 2016, DaNice became ill with mpa, a rare often fatal disease. After 28 days in the hospital, DaNice was sent home and told to do nothing. Which she translated to mean pick up a paintbrush. Painting became her therapy and the earlier pieces attest to this, as they are disjointed abstracts.

By 2019, with the disease in remission, DaNice’s paintings began to depict a lighter side to life. Her use of colors and bold patterns began to appear in her pieces. And then in 2020, with Black Lives Matter and cries of social change in America, DaNice’s art leaned towards contemporary politicking.

Her paintings show the U.S. flag as a hand on the shoulder, as toddler’s pajamas and in real historical context, as a flyer from an actual protest in one of her mixed media pieces. There’s an ode to everyday people, living ordinary lives and smiling.

This same year DaNice had her artwork selected for an exhibition at Boston’s renowned Piano Craft Gallery, where it received rave recognition. Indeed, hers was the first time the gallery had sold a painting abroad in Scotland!

In the five years since being diagnosed, DaNice has done over 120 paintings. She has successfully reinvented herself going from Technygal to the current TechnyGalleries that now accompanies her work.

With several art pieces held in private collections, DaNice ventured to paint larger pieces. But she had no idea how big, when one day she was invited to submit her work to the Billboard of Hope 2021. She’s been called the “Breakout Artist” ! More info later.

In 2021, DaNice D. Marshall became a published writer. Her story “These Women Mattered” is included in the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: I’m Speaking Now” which was released in June, it’s available online and in bookstores.

DaNice is currently working on a coffee table book, a project that is ongoing and which will highlight all of her artwork, no date has been set.

And finally, a quick fun fact about DaNice that happened during the early days of social media and on Twitter, when she entered and won a social media experiment #HelpUsNameUs. A contest that was held in April of 2009 when a digital 500 company decided to rename itself . The winning name of the company “Pyxl” and DaNice’s prize was the latest e-reader a Kindle!

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