“When We Dance”
4’ x 3’
Early Work
“The Bean Eaters”
“Her Matriarchy”
“Her Broad Shoulders”
24” x 20”
“Drama Queen”
20” X 24”
“Betty’s Lil’ Director”
Courtesy. Private collection of DeMane Davis.
“Hip Hop Vinyl” 24” x 20”
Courtesy photo in private collection.
“His Two Sweetest Dreams”
“Maybe, Not Now”
20” x 18”
Courtesy. Private collection Ms. Shanola Hampton
“She Named Her Daughter Faith”
30” x 24”
“Church Ladies in the Park”
20” x 16”
“She Named Her Daughter Hope”
Courtesy photo, private collection.
“Power Couple”
24” x 20”
Her Amazing 1st Date
(at the art gallery)
“Free Knowledge. Must Bring Your Own Container”
DaNice’s solo exhibition in the opening scenes
of “Naomi” Ep 104 . Directed by Neema Barnette, it aired in February 2022 on the The CW Network.
The show was created by Ava DuVernay.
Streaming on HBOMax.
“Storm’s Coming“
“She’s Arriving. Right on Time”
(from “Queen & Her Jacks” in detail)
Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes
24” x 20”
DJ On & On
(in memoriam) 18” x 24”
Courtesy photo in private collectin

“Queen of Whist”
(from “Queen of Jacks” in detail)
“Queen in Rollers”
“My Three Sons”
Courtesy photo in private collection
(from “Queen of Jacks” in detail)
“Ameryca’s Two Sons”
“A Cautionary Tale”
“Her Melting Pot”
“The Empty Nesters”
“My Three Sons (All Grown Up)
“She Pretends (Making Positives Out of Negative Space)
“Out On The Porch”
2021 Installation
“Free Knowledge Must Bring Your Own Container” solo exhibition in Boston, MA
“Queen of Jack’s”
“King of Kings”
“Getting Her Hair Did”