Friday Art

Paintings On Walls (20 x 24 variety)

Is it just me, or does this wall need more wall?

It’s Friday and for me, Spring is in the air. Yup, I’m feeling light and airy.

So while I was looking at the walls, I started thinking… What if I do some more art to hang upside down from the ceiling? Because from my perspective, as an intuitive artist, I think the ceilings could use a little artwork too.

Am I being too ambitious? Cabin fever Lol

Artful Dreams

Art For Her Wall (24 x 30)

What if we painted and drew pictures for every wall?

What if we put art on our walls in a fierce display of vibrant colors? What if we became sensitive to the qualities of color, textures and experiences. Seeing how a broad field of color builds up & creates a contrast of life, peace, love and harmony. People too. What if… 💕 #BeMyValentine #HappyValentinesDay

Her Blue Art

Her Blue Mood (18 x 24)

Emotional. That feeling we get, when we’re choked up and frustrated. When it feels like we can’t speak, because the vowels got stuck in our throats.

I was inspired to paint this while listening to The Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

#Musicality 🎶

The Art of Double Dutch

Double Dutch Jump Roping Archive (16 x 20)

When I was growing up, I would be mesmerized by kids who could Double Dutch Jump rope. I myself, never learnt how to jump.

I think it might’ve been because I couldn’t jump high enough, or maybe it was because I couldn’t move my legs fast enough, over the passing ropes. But whatever it was that prevented me from learning how, it surely wasn’t because of a global pandemic.

I was just thinking, what are today’s children going to grow up and not have learnt? What part of their journey will be delayed or missed out on?

I wonder, do they miss watching kids jumping Double Dutch jump rope? I do. So, I’m adding this thought to my growing list of things we lost because of the Wrath of ‘Rona.

Got Art

A Wall

My walls aren’t meant to just hold up the ceiling or separate the rooms. While those are of course, excellent reasons for a wall’s existence, what if the other reason for a wall, besides hanging a photograph and the occasional clock is to add joy & color?

When I look at my walls, I see spaces to add another painting. If my walls could talk… I hope they’re bragging about how I dress them up, with original art, my paintings.

How’s your walls? #GotArt

#OriginalArt #GotPaintings

These Queens

These Queens. (Of The Projects) 24x 30

These queens of the community, the survivors and strivers who share stories and inspire one another. Who stretch a dollar out of fifteen cents, and provide food and a roof over their abandoned children’s heads.

These women will raise children to dream of great heights. They will believe that they can become SOMEBODY. And they’ll not benefit from role models or many gifts from philanthropists.

These women will raise boys to become men in a patriarchal society that celebrates Mothers, one day out the year. And these women will raise girls to become women in a patriarchal society that struggles to encourage women to be something other than Mothersome.

These queens of the project. Survivors.

Instagram: @danice_d_marshall

Making Way For Art

A First Great Success.
20 x 24

This was her first notable achievement, the one in which she would build up her confidence, allow her to take risks and opened the pathway to opportunity, the gateway of happiness.

Now she cooks, drives fast cars, directs movies & takes meetings.

But one of the early WoW moments in her life was pedaling. Transitioning from a tricycle to a two-wheeled bike! A sweet accomplishment that opened the road toward other achievements, her success & freedom.

Laughing. Singing & Getting Merry

Laughing. Singing. Getting Merry
16 x 20

In 2020 I didn’t get to attend not one holiday party. For me, that’s the one thing I really like about working and about having job. It’s literally the only time when bosses and my co-workers loosen up, when we can all be our authentic selves. The “Holidaze” with its bonuses, cocktails & laughter.

Like everyone else, I’m so over ‘Rona and this never-ending pandemic. And even though I don’t like needles (who does?) I’m looking forward to getting the vaccine. Because it means a change up, slowing down the numbers and perhaps may lead to closure, so whatever it takes to end this madness, right? Right. Because I for one, don’t want to lose another Christmas, ever again.

I’d prefer to complain about having had Christmas, about how it’s become too commercialized and how I’ve spent too much money, than to not have a Christmas at all. Because I like to sing and laugh.

So 2021 is going to be better, I can feel it.

Next year we’ll look back on the 2020 holiday that almost wasn’t. We’ll respectfully toast the lives that COVID-19 took and we’ll share in gratitude of those lives that were saved by front liners, our heroes.

And eventually this pandemic will end.

“Hello World!” And once again, we’ll be able to go places and travel. Oh how nice it’ll be to meet people! I’m going to smile at everybody, because for too long my smile was hidden under a mask.

And I’m going to be super kind to people, strangers and my family. Because I’ve yelled a lot, my anger and frustration has been displaced, it’s had that impact. But change is coming and I’m going to look & see more deeply than just eyes.

I’m excited to be a part of the Great Society ReBoot, after ‘Rona leaves and we get together again. Until then, stay safe & stay optimistic,

Happy New Year 2021!!!


Exit Art

Untitled. (16 x 20)

“Holidaze” at the Sugar Shack in downtown Boston, where my Uncle Erskine performed. 

When I was little, he’d bring me along on Saturday afternoons to watch him perform his set.  I’d sit at the bar and sip soda, while he and the band rehearsed.  From where I sat, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and get high. 

I’d watch them dance and slide  across that small stage, in the dim lights, until the manager came.  He’d point his cigar at the Exit sign & tell my uncle that kids weren’t allowed in the bar. 

I hated that sign, as if it was the only reason that I had to go 😂

Her 2

Look! Her 2 (acrylic 20 x24)

We can’t know for certain, but chances are that a little girl is watching.

She’s watching her perform. Watching her actions, her mannerisms, her gestures and the company she keeps.

Listening carefully to what she says. Listening for inflections and tone. Is she using her business voice? Or the relaxed voice that she uses when she’s home, safe, among family and friends? A little girl is taking notes.

What will the woman do when opportunity knocks? Will she be prepared? Will the woman wedge the door wide open, so other women might follow her path. Or will she only be able to slip a small stone in the door jam, hoping it’ll be enough for others to follow?

Once inside, will she break the proverbial glass ceiling? Will she smile bravely and create good jobs and career opportunities for other women?

If so, she’ll have to do it while wearing heels, with her grandmother’s pearls and her mother’s regrets. She might even have some regrets of her own. She might not know it, but somewhere a little girl is watching and studying her performance.

And oh, say can you see, she’s going to make it look easy, so that little girls in America & everywhere might see her and think that they too can become her, a possibility… A Success!