My Ugly Art.

Trying to bring attention to domestic violence, it’s difficult to see and talk about. I’ve painted it using bright colors, in a comic book format so that we’ll look at it. See it. And Stop domestic violence.

“TKO (The knock out”
(Ugly art #1)
“Knock ‘em Sock ‘em”
(Ugly art #2)
“Big Fist”
(Ugly Art #3)

Textured Acrylic on canvas

I want to be generous with my art, from the storied pieces that have details to these heavier paintings, with layered paint. One of the paintings became so heavy, that it broke my easel. Not good. It took awhile, but eventually it was replaced with a sturdier easel.

“Amazing 1st Date”
24” x 20”
“Queen & Her Jacks”
40” x 30”
“Sisterhood: Think Tank”
24” x 20“
“In Someone Else’s Shoes”
24” x 20 “

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