TSA: Art Not Lost

Want to know why I never lose a black laptop bag in the airport? Simple. I don’t own one. Sry, these aren’t for sale… right now. However, that’ll change. Come follow me! I’m making work for my forthcoming solo exhibition in Boston, August 2023. Too far out? My work is currently showing @northern_illinois_university Art Museum,Continue reading “TSA: Art Not Lost”


Words matter. Whether written, spoken or posted, because they are a powerful tool that can build up or break down a person’s being… human. #kindness #nativeamericanheritagemonth #art #artexhibition ##artistssupportartists #technygalleries #artcommunity #femaleartists #bostonartists #dopeart #museumsfromhome

Art Socially Aware

“Her Broad Shoulders”24” x 20” I’m thinking about @staceyabrams right now. I’m thinking how she went up against a political machine that’s hundreds of years old- it’s cracked, it’s stale and it’s rusty. But as weak as it may sound, it’s also a solid mass that’s become stuck onto itself, it’s unable or unwilling toContinue reading “Art Socially Aware”