Art For Social Change. Good.

These Queens! Inside every window, there’s a story to be told. Something going on. Something happening. And the truth is, we don’t know what that narrative is or what kind of drama someone is going through, be kind. Be Kind. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. #every1knowssome1 #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth #dvam2021 #art #procrastination #bostonart #instagram #technygalleriesContinue reading “Art For Social Change. Good.”

Art of The Smile

Growing up, people didn’t like to smile in photographs. They just stared into the camera. Today, as I flip through the photo album of my memory, I’m happy that I can remember some spontaneous times, when people weren’t conscientious about the camera and weren’t so deadpan serious. Times when they let their guard down andContinue reading “Art of The Smile”

Art Arrival. On Time

Riding the subway. Going fast and still arriving late. Growing up, we went everywhere together. You wouldn’t know that my family didn’t own a car or that my mother couldn’t drive. Rocking and rattling along and yelling to be heard over the sound of metal wheels flying along steel tracks, defying gravity! *I enjoyed paintingContinue reading “Art Arrival. On Time”

Art & ‘Rona Who?

If you’re trying to think of something to do, stop by the Piano Craft Gallery on Tremont Street in Boston. You can thank me later 🙂 Forbidden Fruit the #ILikeYourWorkPodcast Fall Exhibition opened last night. It runs from now thru Sept 26th. Gallery hours are: Fridays 6 -8pm Saturdays & Sundays 12 -5pm. A fantasticContinue reading “Art & ‘Rona Who?”

Yes, Art Can Make Us Smile

Hot Damn! It’s happening, tomorrow my solo exhibition will be installed on Billboard Hope!!! When I was a kid, I used to walk past this billboard in Boston’s historical John Elliot Square, almost every day. Back then the ad space was used to sell negatives, like cigarettes and alcohol. And as you might imagine, theyContinue reading “Yes, Art Can Make Us Smile”