Finally. My Art.

“Whist Queen!” A story of “Rise-n-Fly”. Finally, finally. Found a moment to finish this one and I’m posting it immediately, before something comes up and I don’t have a second. The lesson that I’m sharing is #DoEverything. Don’t worry about IG algorithms, they’re not meant for you anyway. Be #Shameless. Plug yourself. Plug your work.Continue reading “Finally. My Art.”

The Art. Self-Made Genius.

Humbled🙏Honored💯 Proud🥰Words are a cheap replacement for all the emotions I feel upon receiving news that my work has been invited to “Self-Taught Genius” the exhibition at The Contemporary Art Gallery in the Upper Michigan Peninsula, tribally owned and operated by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. I suspect that myContinue reading “The Art. Self-Made Genius.”

Artivist. Maybe We Can.

“Maybe. But not now.” I remember asking questions, like “Why not?” And never getting a satisfactory answer. At what age were you when you were first told that you couldn’t do something? What lasting impact has that had on you? Is it still a little voice in your head? What if, we replaced the wordContinue reading “Artivist. Maybe We Can.”

Artfully Told

With more life behind me, than I have in front of me, I’ve decided to be proactive in the telling of my story. From the ticket stubs from concerts I attended to telephone numbers I use to call daily, these are the fine details and broad strokes of my life. It’s extremely important to meContinue reading “Artfully Told”

My FaceBook Art

I’m an artist. There, I’ve said it. Over the past four years, I’ve posted a lot of art on social media. It’s as much of a healing process as it is therapeutic for me. Never did I expect the level of success that I’ve gained from having put my work “out there”. Never did IContinue reading “My FaceBook Art”