Calling Myself An Artist

From amateur status to professional, I have had difficulty redefining myself with a name that others have spent decades to become. “She Named Her Daughter Hope” was the first painting I ever sold. It was one of my first paintings to be exhibited. It was also my first showing at Piano Craft Gallery in BostonContinue reading “Calling Myself An Artist”

My #ThrowBackThursday Art

So this happened… Back in October 2021, I took a virtual art course @nyccritclub 👏💕 (my art presentation.) This class forever changed my life. It was informative, captivating, and supportive. It helped me understand the nuances of the art world and introduced me to some very talented artists with successful practices. Invited gallerists shared colorfulContinue reading “My #ThrowBackThursday Art”

That Kodak Moment and Art

Subways have always inspired me. Tethered in one place, I look at the passengers and try to imagine their lives, juxtaposed to my own. We strangers who are intricately connected while traveling underground. Oftentimes my mind wanders, lulled by the clickety-clack of the metal wheels racing along the metal tracks. My body sways unintentionally, untilContinue reading “That Kodak Moment and Art”