Love is Love Art

Love is Love (acrylic on canvas)

Every painting has a story. Every artist is but a narrator who shares that story, with broad strokes of color on a canvas, across boundaries to fully relay the playful, mindfulness of emotions. It is the art of the soul that gets our attention, as we stare at a painting and allow it to speak to us.

Sometimes, life and living and loving all come together in such a beautiful way that we’re swept up and spread out. We don’t care who sees us, or who knows that we’re in love. And it can tax the soul, not only because it’s right, but because parts of society says it’s wrong.

Recently my daughter, DaNice W. married the love of her life, her girlfriend Tia, and like the actress Neicy Nash, they’ve felt some backlash. The slow discovery that not everyone is happy about their life choices. But as parents, we’re so very happy that they’ve found happiness. And luckily, during a global pandemic we were able to virtually attend their wedding, perched in our little box above the screen via Zoom🥰

DaNice W. & Tia exchanged vows on August 28, 2020

Love is love. It’s particularly important during life’s difficult moments, those sobering life events like death and dying. Because we all get down on ourselves sometimes, a dark feeling that often precedes depression. And it’s at those times that we lean and need to be propped up. We need to know who has our back, who’s in our corner. Because life is life and there will be good times & the bad times, knowing that we have a friend, a companion or a lover is motivational. And believe it or not, it just makes us happy.

Full disclosure, I almost titled this artwork “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right” after an old R&B song by Luther Ingram, if you haven’t heard it before or haven’t listened to it in awhile, check it out. He sings those words so soulfully, so deeply… right down to the marrow. And you just know he’s right, that it’s true, how could it not be? Because if loving who you love is wrong, why would you want to be right?


Congrats to DaNice & Tia 🎉🥰

Congrats to Neicy & her wife🎉

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