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May 9, 2021

21 days before the official release date, this post was tweeted on Twitter to announce Chicken Soup for the Soul: I’m Speaking Now.

And now, it’s June! And I’m so excited and honored to have my story included, I don’t think there’s been anything quite like this book. Crowdsourcing the American experience through short stories and easy reads. Wait… what?

Storytelling has always been important in the human experience. Stories that teach, entertain and offer cautionary tales as a blueprint to living life well. This book continues that tradition, as it gently pulls the reader into 101 stories of love, courage and hope, shared by Black women.

And before you ask… yes, everyone needs to read this book. We all need to read these stories because as Dr. Maya Angelou wrote, “We are more alike than we are different.” And these stories are pertinent to us all. We all can learn something from her, her and her too.

These stories are inspirational, in part and precisely because these women didn’t succumb. They’re all successes, women who encountered obstacles and found a way to go around their obstacles, through them and under them.

Ssshhhhh, respect. These women are speaking now, we should be listening now.

*Tweet by @ChickenSoupSoul

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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