Bewitched Art

“Bewitched Art”
(16” Targus LaptopBackpack)

I use to create designs for laptop backpacks because I wanted to change the “Look”.

Motivated by the never ending Covid-19 pandemic, I saw the increased use of technology, Zoom meetings and FaceTime, as encouraging signs of things to come. But then I’d slide my laptop into a basic nondescript black laptop bag and it seemed backwards.

In an age of knowledge-based technology, with self-driving cars and cellphones that know more about us, than our families, why shouldn’t our laptop backpacks reflect an upbeat side of innovation, especially during a pandemic?

So I created this special one for Halloween! Bewitched Art on a Targus bag!

Looks magical, doesn’t it? I thought so too. And you can bet it’ll be spot on, easy to find at the airport! Doesn’t that make you smile, me too 🙂

Break-out News: I’m thinking about doing a KickStarter, or more realistically who wants my front loaded art design on their laptop backpack bag? Of course you do.

Interest sparked? Zoom with me.

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