The Art. Self-Made Genius.

“She’s Arriving. Right On Time”
30” x 40”

Humbled🙏Honored💯 Proud🥰
Words are a cheap replacement for all the emotions I feel upon receiving news that my work has been invited to “Self-Taught Genius” the exhibition at The Contemporary Art Gallery in the Upper Michigan Peninsula, tribally owned and operated by the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

I suspect that my journey as a self-taught artist has varied by degrees of solitude, self-doubt and survival mode to that of a trained artist. But we’re alike in our intentionality in the creative process, that path in life where the work must come out and that the purest moment of accomplishment in art is when the artist stands back and lets the paint dry, to see and to know that the work is done. And it is good.

I’m deeply grateful for my journey and to those who have answered my many questions and offered words of encouragement. You have given me guidance through your kind reassurances. And I’ve felt love! I’ve no doubt why the word ART is inside the word heart ❤️ and yet, I never noticed that, until after I was able to call myself an artist.

In that way, I know that I’ve been blessed and I may never know in what proportions grace, talent and luck have been bestowed on me, but I feel it. I’m spiritual. So smudging and sending positive energy comes easy to me.

Here’s the exciting part, if you’ve been reading my blog and following me, get ready to buckle up! February 2022 is going to be a helluva ride.

Gratitude 🙏
“She’s Arriving. Right On Time”
(30” x 40”)

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