The Art of Boardgames

The Queen’s Jack

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but we need to get back to the basics, back to sitting around with our family & friends playing card games & board games, it’s key to understanding compassion & empathy.

It builds social skills, allows us to chit-chat, to strategize and to laugh. And the good thing is, it’s sustainable. Especially during a never-ending pandemic. Particularly this weekend, during a snowstorm in the northeast. Because as hard as it is to imagine, one day you’ll look back and these will have become your “good old days” (because you were younger 😉

So… Imagine sitting in a circle, in the original FaceTime position, it’s your turn. You zoom in, playing boardgames face to face, being human feels good doesn’t it? The ultimate, put down your devices moment.

And no worries, it’s not a physical workout! Having extra covid weight isn’t a detriment as you race around the board. Likewise, dealing out cards doesn’t require athleticism, just a little basic dexterity. And your skills improve with repetition & the element of luck levels the playing field so we all can win. But the very best part is that while we play, we all have a chance to effortlessly become our better selves.

Then there’s the memories we make, little gems that help make Hallmark moments.

For those who like lists:

1. Playing boardgames is networking👏 2. It builds confidence. 3. It strengthens relationships 4. Helps us put our devices down 👍

The Art of playing games makes us feel good when we see it.

#cardplaying #boardgames #sustainable #goodtimes #hallmarkmoments #FeelBetter

#theartofplayinggames #originalfacetoface

#networking #cardplaying #boardgames #sustainable #goodtimes #hallmarkmoments

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