Sharing My Art Journey… Pt 5

Me at my 1st Group Exhibition September 2020. I want to use “circa” but I know exactly when this life changing moment happened.

Back then I was so happy! I was invited to my first showing. And I sold my first painting and it was to a buyer over seas. I was such a novice, I needed the gallerist @erik.grau to explain everything to me. Thank you Erik 🙏💕

“She Named Her Daughter Hope”

It was the first steps to what’s become an amazing art journey. And even though it was during a pandemic, it was truly the best of times! So grateful for all the wonderful opportunities.

I’ve since joined the NYC Crit Club where I’ve met and talked with some fantastic artists, gallerists and teachers. I’ve learnt how to price my art, how to showcase my work and most importantly, for me, how to archive my work.

It’s humbling to people appreciate the work you do. I try to pay it forward, stay upbeat and encouraging. And most importantly try to install some do the confidence that so many people who’ve never met me have given me. Shining their light so that I might see.

I’ve been interviewed quite a few times. And I was nervous at first, but I’ve discovered that I like it. I suppose I’ll share some of the interviews at a future date, but for now…


Painting shown: “She Named Her Daughter Hope” (courtesy photo)

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