Art Supports

“Us. When We 1st Met”

Someone told me about a worthy cause where, 100% of profits raised go directly to local grassroots not for profit organization Safe Place for Youth (SPY).

And I immediately started making art to donate. How could I not?

So this is the completed piece 20” x 24”

acrylic on canvas.

I wanted this piece to show us to us. When we first meet. We’re interesting, interested & nurturing. We easily get along. #heART♥️

Thank you 🙏 Rachel Houk Seeger for sharing such an important cause with me. You are appreciated.

To those of you who have wanted to purchase one of my works, this is your chance. It’s also an awesome opportunity to help kids out. Plus, it’s tax deductible, so there’s that 😉

100Pieces.Org Silent Auction- Safe Place For Youth. 18 August 2022 Los Angeles, CA

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