Changing My Art (Not Really Though ;-)

“From Her Perspective”
24” x 20”

If perspective is reality, what are you doing to change yours?

Dreamt Ava gave me a chance at a job. She was at a screening and was super busy, but she looked up as I entered the room and briefly smiled.

I sat down. There was a small television on with a b&w program about a man inside a laundry-mat. It was suppose to be serious, but the actor’s clumsiness made me smile and I must’ve chuckled a little out loud, because one of Ava’s assistants gave me a side glance.

I tried to keep quiet and to stay serious, but it kept happening, I kept chuckling out loud, this show just wasn’t serious. As the show was ending, Ava called me over. She smiled and folded back the top pages of the yellow legal pad, on which she had been making notes. I noticed that there were a lot of notes.

“You have one opportunity to make it better”, she said to me, then nodded at the small television screen, which was now a blank raster. I hadn’t noticed before, but someone had turned the tv off. “Make it count,” she said as she stood up.

Her assistant handed me a pad of paper and a pen, and they left the room. Immediately, I got busy writing, making the story better, making my life better.

Changing my perspective. Seizing the moment & Staying grateful 🙏❤️

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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