Come Ride With Me

Abstract #2 (2017)
24” x 18”

On My Way.

So another exhibition is closing & I’m so honored to have been invited, “Who We Are” at the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA. On Wednesday a new Landscape exhibition will be opening. It looks awesome! 🙏

As for me, I’ve been moving slowly, but steadily in the art world. And although it hasn’t always appeared apparent, my progress has been steady. I can see it in my earlier pieces, compared next to my current efforts and I’ve gotten better.

Olive Sustenance (2017)
“24” x 18”

I always pivot. Endlessly, how could I not? Like most people my confidence wavers, so I change the approach to my work in an effort to prop my self-esteem up.

Questioning everything, because life is a classroom, and because the only stupid question is the one we haven’t asked.

If we’re lucky, there will always be these openings and closings of exhibitions. Society needs art.

It’s a balancing act of emotions, trying not to cry that it’s over, and smiling proudly that this thing happened to me, to actually get to write “Once upon a time I showed my work in Lowell”. What an honor!

In July, three of my works invited to exhibitions completed their showings : Norfolk, Virginia, Newton and Lowell, MA.

This month, two more close: St. Louis, MO and Cambridge, MA.

Crossing the Zakim Bridge in Boston

Still it’s a melancholy time, an ebb & flow. The giving & receiving of quiet moments, spent painting alone. This going… This coming. My art journey continues, ride with me.

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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