My #ThrowBackThursday Art

Art presentation 2021

So this happened…

Back in October 2021, I took a virtual art course @nyccritclub 👏💕 (my art presentation.)

This class forever changed my life. It was informative, captivating, and supportive. It helped me understand the nuances of the art world and introduced me to some very talented artists with successful practices.

Invited gallerists shared colorful stories, that were both uplifting and realistic. I learnt so much and when it was over, I began to call myself #Artist

I’m so grateful. Thank you 🙏 ❤️ @hilaryldoyle @catherinehaggarty @brigittemulholland & et al

My greatest take aways from the course:

“Network. Take art classes. Engage with other artists. Show up at art openings & be part of the art community.”


If you’re interested, open enrollment for @nyccritclub ‘s Fall Classes begins in two days💯

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