Acknowledging My Art

“His Two Sweetest Dreams”
30” x 24”

“His Two Sweetest Dreams”

Some of our best dreams don’t happen when we’re asleep. Instead, they happen in our wakefulness, when we stretch ourselves and reach goals.

Too often we don’t acknowledge our accomplishments for ourselves. Instead we hope others will notice our content, like a post and pat us on the back & say “Job well done”.
But shouldn’t we be doing that for ourselves?

What if we hit the pause button and poke through our years? What if we look through our accomplishments; everything that it took for us to get here, to this point in our lives without overlooking the hard work & determination?

Reviewing the adversity that we had to overcome, as we searched for & discovered our better selves. Why do we forget all that we’ve been through? We need to undo that way of thinking.

Let others fail to acknowledge our achievements, but let us remember & be proud & honor our younger selves and all the past effort it took to get us here.

My first achievement was teaching myself how to ride a bike. I’ve never fully celebrated reaching that goal. It was one of the sweetest feelings 🙂

I’m only remembering now because I was awake when I made this painting.

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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