Bright Moment: To Say Thanks

My bucket list is simple, it only consists of my being able to thank people. No, not everyone, but those special people who make getting up every day a worthwhile activity.

“This Bright Moment”

I started six years ago. Back then, it was easy because most of the people I wanted to thank were local, so I only needed to send a text or make a phone call. Then I decided to go back further in my life and thank teachers that had made a difference in my world.

And that was a challenge, because at my age many of them had retired or passed on from this side. But I thanked them anyway, spiritually and in harmony with my life soul.

So my bucket list is to thank as many people as possible for being kind and supportive to me and of my work. I know I’ll probably forget someone… so here, from my heart to everyone who’s shared their words, offered me advice and gave me hope— Thank You. From the bottom of my heart 🙏❤️

****please note, this blog post is going to be longish:)

Once again, my health has given me a reason to pause, this time has been easier. Or maybe I’ve grown stronger from my past experiences, so that I’m better equipped to deal with medical disruptions.

Most of these people will be surprised to see their name on my Shout Out List, because they’re not fully aware of the impact they had on my journey. Some people will have forgotten, because what I consider to be a huge give, was for them very small…

Sandi Quatrale spent hours working on what proved to be impossible, as I continuously sent her the same wrong sized image over and over and over again, so sorry. So grateful for her patience. I know now. Thank you🙏🥰

Miriam Blankenship’s referral to a professional photographer was invaluable… without even knowing it, she gave me permission to believe that my art was something special. Forever grateful. Thank you🙏💕

Eric Korsh made me feel worthy, by setting up a Zoom meeting to talk to me about my art on a Targus bag. When the President of Scout Productions speaks, you listen. And I hung on every word he spoke and although I didn’t get the Targus contract, I did win the Targus Reel Contest, so there’s that. So grateful for his encouragement. Thank you 🙏

@rikananika saw something in my paintings on IG and somehow through a process, got 14 of my paintings featured in the opening scenes of “Naomi” a TV show on a major network. I’m still floored by the experience!!! I’ve never met her, but will always feel connected. Thank you so much for this great opportunity 🙏❤️

Erik Grau invited me to submit my art to my first group showing! And then he answered a hundred questions to help me understand the business side of an art practice. And when one of my two pieces sold overseas, he helped finalize the sale. And then most recently, Erik offered me a solo exhibition at Piano Craft Gallery this upcoming August 2023!!! Are you kidding me!??More on this later, but for now thank you Erik, Thank you🙏💕

@BillboardHope for selecting my art for a solo exhibition on a billboard in Boston’s historic John Elliot Square, but more importantly for sharing news that I was being called the “Breakout Artist”, of the project, it bolstered my confidence and allowed me to keep making work and showing it. Thank you 🙏💕

@LizWBZ thank you for answering my email and being curious about a billboard and how it could be used to bring joy into a dilapidated neighborhood. My goodness, because of you, an interview in Boston was televised! And then there were bonus commercials aired during Alex Trebak’s Jeopardy. Wait… what??? So grateful. Thank you 🙏

And then there was @NYCCritClub I didn’t know what the class was about, but I applied and was shocked when I was accepted. Then I didn’t have money to pay for it, but you offered a payment plan and it worked out. Thank you 🙏

This class changed my art trajectory. I was the proverbial sponge, I asked so many questions in class and during breakout groups, and always my classmates, established artists themselves took time to share their knowledge with me. I was thrilled to discover that art is so inclusive. I felt welcomed and safe. Thank you all 🙏

Perhaps the best part of the class was co-founder and teacher @HilaryDoyle, Thank you for teaching me so, so much. Thank you for noticing my ineptitude with Google docs and not making it an obstacle for me. Thank you for showing interest in my work outside of a Zoom meeting and most recently, suggesting my art be included in a group exhibition, along with tour work in Boston. Are you kidding me?!?! You are forever appreciated. Thank you 🙏🥰

Thank you Erika Hess, who’s podcast titled “I Like Your Work” (four little words) sustained me over the past two years. Especially when self-doubt crept up. And thank you for having open calls for art submissions. What a wonderful opportunity to get eyes on work and I’m so grateful to have my work selected both in-person and with WilHutnick in an on-line group exhibitions. Thank you 🙏🥰

I want to share my gratitude, not so much as to tell my story, but to express my joy in having shared worlds and touched lives in some small way with so many people, that I may never meet outside of the realm of Instagram.

Of course none of us has one single moment in which we become our true selves. Instead, there’s a natural cumulative effect of the human experience— joy, sorrow and hardships that help to define us, that show our strengths by exposing our weaknesses and the obstacles we’ve had to overcome. Because we all have a story, and by now, most readers of my blog know my story. I also want folks to know that I’m extremely grateful to so many people from family, friends, to medical staff to FedEx personnel.

Each night I send light & give thanks. And again, with the morning dawn… THANK YOU.

Once upon a time a New York City gallerist saw my art, liked it but when he heard that I had no traditional art training, he dismissed me and told me that my art will never show anywhere.

Sixteen exhibitions later, boy am I happy that he was he wrong! Yup, thanking him too 😉

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