Redefining A Wall

“Amazing First Date”

What if, the art we see online was also the art that we put on our walls?

All of those likes, gathered and collected would take on additional reverence.

Imagine, if a piece of art could make us feel good, simply by gazing at it. Truth is, that’s exactly what some art does. It’s that powerful. Art can change a mindset, it can bring us into its story and make us feel a certain way… art can bring us together.

Walls were meant to do more than just hold down a floor and keep a ceiling suspended. Art and walls just go together. There’s a redefined purpose of a wall, which is to show art.

I was just thinking… people need to visit art galleries more often. First dates should mandate a visit to an art museum. And we ought to label it something clever, like staring at a wall for #ArtSake

It could be a prerequisite for #ShowAndTell in kindergarten, where a child shares the story of a first date from which he was conceived. Doesn’t matter whether or not there was an actual marriage, doesn’t matter if there was a divorce, it isn’t about those things. Art is like that… it makes you think. So bring someone with you, because thoughts are supposed to be shared 🙏

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Published by DaNice D Marshall

Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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