Her 2

Look! Her 2 (acrylic 20 x24)

We can’t know for certain, but chances are that a little girl is watching.

She’s watching her perform. Watching her actions, her mannerisms, her gestures and the company she keeps.

Listening carefully to what she says. Listening for inflections and tone. Is she using her business voice? Or the relaxed voice that she uses when she’s home, safe, among family and friends? A little girl is taking notes.

What will the woman do when opportunity knocks? Will she be prepared? Will the woman wedge the door wide open, so other women might follow her path. Or will she only be able to slip a small stone in the door jam, hoping it’ll be enough for others to follow?

Once inside, will she break the proverbial glass ceiling? Will she smile bravely and create good jobs and career opportunities for other women?

If so, she’ll have to do it while wearing heels, with her grandmother’s pearls and her mother’s regrets. She might even have some regrets of her own. She might not know it, but somewhere a little girl is watching and studying her performance.

And oh, say can you see, she’s going to make it look easy, so that little girls in America & everywhere might see her and think that they too can become her, a possibility… A Success!

Published by DaNice D Marshall

Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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