Exit Art

Untitled. (16 x 20)

“Holidaze” at the Sugar Shack in downtown Boston, where my Uncle Erskine performed. 

When I was little, he’d bring me along on Saturday afternoons to watch him perform his set.  I’d sit at the bar and sip soda, while he and the band rehearsed.  From where I sat, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and get high. 

I’d watch them dance and slide  across that small stage, in the dim lights, until the manager came.  He’d point his cigar at the Exit sign & tell my uncle that kids weren’t allowed in the bar. 

I hated that sign, as if it was the only reason that I had to go 😂

Published by DaNice D Marshall

Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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