Laughing. Singing & Getting Merry

Laughing. Singing. Getting Merry
16 x 20

In 2020 I didn’t get to attend not one holiday party. For me, that’s the one thing I really like about working and about having job. It’s literally the only time when bosses and my co-workers loosen up, when we can all be our authentic selves. The “Holidaze” with its bonuses, cocktails & laughter.

Like everyone else, I’m so over ‘Rona and this never-ending pandemic. And even though I don’t like needles (who does?) I’m looking forward to getting the vaccine. Because it means a change up, slowing down the numbers and perhaps may lead to closure, so whatever it takes to end this madness, right? Right. Because I for one, don’t want to lose another Christmas, ever again.

I’d prefer to complain about having had Christmas, about how it’s become too commercialized and how I’ve spent too much money, than to not have a Christmas at all. Because I like to sing and laugh.

So 2021 is going to be better, I can feel it.

Next year we’ll look back on the 2020 holiday that almost wasn’t. We’ll respectfully toast the lives that COVID-19 took and we’ll share in gratitude of those lives that were saved by front liners, our heroes.

And eventually this pandemic will end.

“Hello World!” And once again, we’ll be able to go places and travel. Oh how nice it’ll be to meet people! I’m going to smile at everybody, because for too long my smile was hidden under a mask.

And I’m going to be super kind to people, strangers and my family. Because I’ve yelled a lot, my anger and frustration has been displaced, it’s had that impact. But change is coming and I’m going to look & see more deeply than just eyes.

I’m excited to be a part of the Great Society ReBoot, after ‘Rona leaves and we get together again. Until then, stay safe & stay optimistic,

Happy New Year 2021!!!


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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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