What To Do When The Graphic Designer Is AWOL???

Frustration is tiring. So if I seem lackluster today, low energy and less approachable than in the past, it’s because I’ve had an extremely frustrating experience.

It all began when my artwork was selected to be included in a big art project. I was happy. Then came the specifics, that is my artwork would need to be converted from JPG to PDF with 300DPI and enlarged plus A4. Ok I said, knowing that I had a guy who could get the job done.

Except here we are a month and a half later and the guy I hired to do the art conversion has gone AWOL!!!

Maybe ‘Rona got to him. I’ve called. Sent text and Sent emails. Left numerous messages and I’ve driven to his place of business. There’s a sign plastered across his glass door “Walkins Not Allowed”.

So what’s next? I believe that after a year of this never ending global pandemic, jittery nerves and anxiety got the best of him and he’s gone into hiding out of fear. I don’t blame him, I just wish he had finished my project ahead of the deadline, because now I’m left scrambling.

If anyone out here knows how to scan large paintings and convert it to pdf +4 let me know. Thanks in advance.

Published by DaNice D Marshall

Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

3 thoughts on “What To Do When The Graphic Designer Is AWOL???

    1. Thank you dear Chris🙏 I’m waiting to hear back from a photographer. I just wish the guy I had hired had said something to me, instead of just going missing. Then I could’ve found someone else in a timely fashion, now I’m scrambling and will probably pay top $$$ because I need it fast. Sigh. Hope you have a fantastic day💯

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