Laptop Backpack Art

Anxiety at the airport should be limited to the act of flying.

And the fear of flying shouldn’t include trying to locate your carry-on laptop bag, after being randomly pulled out of line and searched by TSA at the airport’s security checkpoints. Because being separated from your laptop bag for just few minutes, shouldn’t feel like hours.

That’s what happened to me recently, while traveling to the west coast. Where as hard as I tried to keep my eyes on the security bin where I had placed my beloved backpack, as I held my arms straight out and tried to comply with the TSA’s instructions, I did lose sight of my backpack.

It made me think, why does this continuously happen? How, in a knowledge based society, full of smart tech & a dispensary named Google, are all of our laptop bags basic black?

How is it that we can use finger swipes across devices and gain access to a broad swath of data information, but the bag that carries that most important device all look the same?

Imagine a company outing or a meeting, and your laptop bag gets confused with the CEO’s. Now imagine the same exact scenario, only this time your laptop bag isn’t basic black. #Technicolor💯

Pile up! A variety of the same basic black laptop bags

Hello World 🌎

#TechInnovation #DataScience #BigData #LaptopBags #ThinkOutsideTheBag

C’mon @Targus

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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