My Art Journal: Onward

Back in July of 2019, before my work was showing anywhere… I’d hang it outside in my backyard & sit with it.

“The Bean Eaters” and “The Letter”

Back then, I didn’t have any expectations. I had already been told by a NYC gallerist that I was an Outsider, and that my art would never be in a showing.

I wasn’t offended. For me making art is part of my healing process, that is artists make art as much for themselves, as we do for others. So a stranger doesn’t get the power to dissuade us from our dreams.

I started hanging out with my art and my dreams started to come true🥰

This week, I accepted an invitation to show my art in St. Louis, MO, and another invitation in Cambridge and this Summer my artwork will be included at a fine art gallery in Texas!

Today, my art is showing in the “Art as Salve”exhibition curated by #AshleighCoren @newartcenter Corridor Gallery.

Another painting is on outdoor display @BillboardHope @orangebarrelmedia ‘s digital billboard at Washington and Boylston streets in downtown Boston.

Amazingly, just four days ago, another one of my paintings aired on the television show “Naomi”. Two months earlier, 13 of my paintings had been featured in a solo exhibition in the opening scenes of the Ava DuVernay show.

This past winter, one of my paintings won third place in “A Perfect Moment” juried exhibition in Cape Cod, MA @culturalcenter.

Meanwhile, three other works were selected for the online “Crop of Kismet” @ilikeyourworkpodcast Winter Exhibition curated by @willhutnick.

And my work was showing in-person at the “Self-Taught Genius” exhibition at The Contemporary Gallery in Upper Michigan Peninsula, tribally owned and operated by the Lax Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians! Very exciting.

Hanging with my art “Getting Her Hair Did”
in the backyard

Last September, my work was included in “Forbidden Fruit” @ilikeyourworkpodcast Fall exhibition curated by @HilaryDoyle

And at the same time, my work was being featured in a solo billboard display @BillboardHope in Boston’s historic John Elliot Square.

A year earlier, almost to the day of being seated in my backyard hanging with my art, I was invited to my very first exhibition ROX/SE @PianoCraftGallery where I gratefully met the very kind and patient @erikgrau 🙏

If it sounds like a lot to you, imagine what it’s been like for me and Ben! He’s been my wrap, bubble, ship, carry, drop off and pick up— “Ride to Ride” husband. I’m so grateful & love him 🙏💕

So… guess what? Yup, there’s additional news coming, but I’ll hold onto it for now. It’ll give us something to look forward to, and isn’t that whole point for having tomorrows?

If you’ve read this all the way to the end, thank you! Thank you for coming on my virtual art journey with me. So kind of you.

You are appreciated 🙏❤️



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