My Art Journal: Onward

Back in July of 2019, before my work was showing anywhere… I’d hang it outside in my backyard & sit with it. Back then, I didn’t have any expectations. I had already been told by a NYC gallerist that I was an Outsider, and that my art would never be in a showing. I wasn’tContinue reading “My Art Journal: Onward”

Seeing ♥️ Art

We’re never too old to discover new ways of seeing the world around us 🌏 Case in point, it wasn’t until I completed an art crit class that I began to see words differently. For instance, I had never noticed the word inside the word — HeART 💜 Now, for sure, I had written andContinue reading “Seeing ♥️ Art”

My Art Journey… Continued

Not so long ago, I began to share my art journey. Today, I thought I’d continue to share my foray into the art world, as it returned me to a state of hopefulness that my illness had taken away. By the middle of 2019, I had begun to connect the dots in my life andContinue reading “My Art Journey… Continued”

My Amazing Day

Life is amazing. I know, because I have more life behind me than what’s up ahead. And I was just thinking, how when I was a kid the simplest things made me happy. Like, if I woke up and the sun was out and shining. That made me happy, that was it. That was allContinue reading “My Amazing Day”

Thoughtful. Artful. Humbled

My life has been quite a journey. I assure you, if anyone was silly enough to want to write a book about my life, there would be no need for fictionalization. It has been an amazing ride! Of course, some of the names would have to be changed to protect the writer, but the dramaContinue reading “Thoughtful. Artful. Humbled”

Art of a Moment

I haven’t made many abstracts. But this is one of my personal favorites, as it represents both what’s quickly lost, but also that which is remembered and longed for, thoughts that are renamed memories. I’m so honored & proud to have this painting selected to be displayed on a digital billboard in Boston’s busy DownTownContinue reading “Art of a Moment”

Steadying My Art

Woke. Crawled out of bed. Still breathing 🙏 After being a little silly yesterday, I’m feeling pensive today. I was just thinking… what were you doing? For me, my IG posts must be organic, being spontaneous is a big part of who I am & it’s indicative of what I do. Truth is, I tooContinue reading “Steadying My Art”

Stepping Outside Art

An artist looked at one of my earlier works and said it reminded her that “our lives are framed by our families,” and it stuck with me, because unlike our friends, we don’t get to choose our families. And I thought about what stepping out of that frame would look like. For me, being aContinue reading “Stepping Outside Art”

The Art of Conversation

Now? #amwriting✍️ A bunch of questions, answered in a ledger, filled with humorous stories of this life & #HowIGotHere titled: “How Many Folks, Exactly Does It Take To Hold A Good Woman Up?” Because I’m tired, part of my “Can We Talk” Series that will drop as soon as it gets picked up. Debating whetherContinue reading “The Art of Conversation”

My Art Journey… Pt 6 of

What if art, by its very nature- the use of our eyes as we view it, to make us feel what we see- also makes us feel empathy? And compassion? I look at the word heART 💜 and I see the word “art” in it. Of course I’ve typed it so it would be easyContinue reading “My Art Journey… Pt 6 of”