Art Gallery Showings To Me

Neighborhood Building Blocks
(36 x 40)

Recently, an artist that I highly respect, ventured out to see my work and possibly meet me at an opening exhibition at D’Art Center’s Surface: Texture & Patterns in Norfolk, VA. The only thing was, I wasn’t there.

There’s a lot of reasons why an artist can’t attend an opening reception, sometimes it’s simply an issue with distance and nowadays there’s the pandemic. But I would’ve loved to have met her 🙂

I’m grateful that technology has allowed so many artists to show their work via the internet and online exhibitions. And sometimes I’ve been fortunate to have attended a reception via Zoom.

But as convenient as that’s been, it can’t replace seeing the work, up close and personal. Because for me, there’s something about physical art that just gives me the feels. Et tu? 🙂

I love to stand in front it, to see the lightness or the depth of the brush strokes and to study how a sculpture has been worked. It’s then that words become a cheap replacement, incapable of properly describing what my eyes see, without touch, how the art makes me feel.

So, last month I made a conscientious decision to bring my work closer to where I live, so that I could attend the opening art receptions and see the art curated into an exhibition. And to perhaps, meet people— the curator, the gallerist and the other artists— because it’s the complete experience that I need, to see the work and to get the feels 🙂

With that being said, I’m so honored to have my work invited to multiple venues in Massachusetts.

This summer my work will be showing at the Katheryn Schultz Gallery in Cambridge, MA (July 5 -30) as well as the Hopkinton Center for the Arts in Hopkinton, MA (July 19 – August 26) and at the Loading Dock Gallery in Lowell, MA (June 29 – July 31)

This is also the final week to see the Art as Salve exhibition, which was extended at New Art Corridor Gallery in Newton, MA.

While I know not everyone will come to an art opening, because they can be boring (as my artist friend says). But I like them, from meeting the people to all the excitement that art brings, like the feels!!

*Special note to Chris L., again my deepest apologies.

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