My Art Talks to Women

“Queen in Rollers”

I was just thinking… What were you doing?

Some people have been posting some pretty sad & divisive things here on LinkedIn And while I’m aware of free speech, I maintain the need for respect & decorum. With that being said…

I won’t be doing business with a bunch of you. I won’t work with or for you. I won’t be a patron at one of your stores or restaurants & I won’t refer you to my family & friends. In fact, I will check your posts to confirm why you no longer exist to me.

This is particularly true to those folks on Linked in with uteruses (working or not).

If you were one of the women openly celebrating the dismantling of Roe vs Wade, I’m disappointed in you. I understand your opinion is personal, I understand that you personally would never have the procedure, I’m not interested in that. Because what you eat doesn’t make me run to the toilet. What concerns me, is that you would superimpose your opinion on all women. Treating us as if we are less equal, I assure you we are not.

Why you would agree with some old men seated on a bench and allow them dominion over another woman’s body— your mother’s, your sister’s, your daughter’s or your aunt’s— is beyond the pale.

Most of you already know from having menses, that there are systemic inequalities in society & the work place that need to be fixed. So what about fixing those, so we can really have a public celebration?

I climbed telephone poles for a living. When I became pregnant my boss looked me dead in the eye and said, either I would climb telephone poles or I would lose my job. Because as he put it, men don’t have that problem. And when I refused to climb, he agreed to let me have an office job at half my pay. I called the Massachusetts Labor Board and they advised me that he was within his rights. It always stuck with me.

In closing, if you’re one of the people celebrating the dismantling of Roe vs Wade, please don’t bother replying to this post. I have zero interest in your commentary.

What we post to the internet is forever and I want future women to know my story, that is

I disagree with Scotus’s decision. That two of the old men have questionable histories, one has a wife with questionable ties to the failed insurrection of January 6th. These people should not hold lifetime appointments and wield such power over a woman’s body.

Because when something is working you don’t tamper with it. It was always understood, that if you don’t want to have a procedure done in America, you don’t have to. But it should be medically & safely available. Period. Pun intended.

To all the other women, who for 50 years understood that #RoevsWade was working, regardless of your personal opinion, thank you.

Just thank you🙏

#Onward #ExpandScotus

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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