Greeting Card Art

First Acts.

In celebration & Onward!

Remember when Hallmark’s Mahogany card collection first launched? Back then the brand was partnered with Dr. Maya Angelou and it was exquisite. Her words graced the inside of your cards & the art work on the outside was reflective of the depth and richness of her words and captured the black market’s sentiment succinctly.

I don’t know who needs to hear this… but you need to change your cover work back to the more colorful and uplifting art that was at least on the upper end of your greeting card spectrum. Dignified & queenly.

Someone told me don’t bother to write to you here on social media. But I say, why not?!?

They tell me it’s only a low level Hallmark employee who reads & runs your social media content. I don’t care.

I tried to reach out to Hallmark cards via the traditional avenue, no reply. So here I am. I make my own greeting cards.

My art can be seen in the “Crop of Kismet” exhibition and recently I had a solo exhibition on television’s #Naomi in the opening scenes of episode 4 ( Airing and streaming on The CW Network)

Next month my work will be included in the curated “Salve” exhibition at the New Art Corridor Gallery and upcoming exhibitions include a showing in Texas.

I’ll be sharing more news soon 🙂

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