My Art Journey… Pt 6 of

“Rite of Passage- Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes”

What if art, by its very nature- the use of our eyes as we view it, to make us feel what we see- also makes us feel empathy? And compassion?

I look at the word heART 💜 and I see the word “art” in it.

Of course I’ve typed it so it would be easy for you to see, it’s a little subliminal, but there it is, plain as day. See it “heart” ? I do too and it makes me smile.

Lately my observations of every day experiences have been like this, a tad awe-inspiring. It’s almost as if everything is an epiphany, as my “Ah ha” moments become more and more plentiful.

Or perhaps, I’ve grown up enough to slow down.

I see little things more often, and as if for the first time. Because although I can be certain that the word “art” has always been part of my vocabulary, from Valentine’s Day candies to Mother’s Day cards, I’ve never noticed it before. Or perhaps it’s been used as a symbol and has lost some of its power in translation, on it’s way to becoming a universal icon: ❤️

Whatever the reason that I didn’t notice it before, I’m noticing now, and now that I’m aware of it, I’m sharing it. Fun facts 🙂

I’ve also noticed the word “small” includes the word “All” which makes the word a bit oxymoronic…? (Ok so I just made that word up, as an example of “moron” which is included in that word. Are you picking up what I’m laying down? 😉

It’s all been a bit of an adventure, making connections between seemingly separate things, which brings me full circle back to us, people…

We too are alike, there are part of ourselves mirrored in one another, we are indeed more alike than we are different.

We need to see and feel our connectedness. We need to have empathy when we see one another. We need to acknowledge and have the capacity to feel sympathy. Because the sad truth is, that whenever we see a homeless person, or a refugee or someone being challenged by life, it very well could be anyone of us “But for his grace, go you or I”

Imagine putting on their shoes and walking a city block wearing them, running in them. Ouch! The discomfort should lead to sympathy, which should lead to compassion, which should lead to action. Imagine that. No more homelessness.

Heart. Seeing and realizing that we can do better, making art that rite of passage, so we see one another and care.

How about you? What are you seeing? I’m listening to see 👁👁

Published by DaNice D Marshall

Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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