The Art of Conversation

“Can We Talk?”

Now? #amwriting✍️

A bunch of questions, answered in a ledger, filled with humorous stories of this life & #HowIGotHere titled:

“How Many Folks, Exactly Does It Take To Hold A Good Woman Up?”

Because I’m tired, part of my “Can We Talk” Series that will drop as soon as it gets picked up.

Debating whether I’ll include original art in the series, probably. Why not?

Can we talk? Inter-generational discussions, from Camp Do It Yourself, literally a camp where campers create activities, to climbing telephone poles while pregnant to where I am now, with my paintings in Crop of Kismet Exhibition and later this week, my art showing in the “Salve” exhibition at New Art Corridor Gallery in Newton.

And I’m also so very proud of last month, when fourteen of my paintings were featured in a solo art exhibition in episode 4 of “Naomi” the newest DC hero airs on the CW Network.

How cool is this talk going to be? Very 😎

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Pronounced Duh-NYSE. Published writer. Roxbury native, residing in Boston, Massachusetts.

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